Friday, November 27, 2009


MACPS-2/2K9 23-11-2009
The Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai-600002.

Sub: - Consideration of CRs for granting MACP to C.O/R.O staff –reg.
Ref: - This Union letter No.MACPS-1/2009 dated 05-10-2009

This Circle Union wishes to thank the Administration for constituting the Screening Committee to extend the benefit of MACPS.

The MACPS stipulates that the officials should have earned the benchmark ‘Good’ for their entailment to MACP. In this connection this Union wishes to draw the kind attention of the Chief PMG that many a times the official could not attain the required benchmark because of the indifference shown while writing ACRs or are not written with the required devotion and attention to details. The Screening Committee should not be guided merely by the overall grading, if any, that may be recorded in the ACR but should make its own assessment on the basis of the remarks/performance recorded in the individual column in the ACR, because, sometimes the overall grading in a CR may be inconsistent with the grading under various parameters or attributes.

This Union requests the Chief PMG that the Screening Committee should be realistic and objective in their assessment in order to avoid unnecessary grievances and depriving the due claims of the staff of C.O/R.O for MACP.

Expecting early and favourable orders,
Yours faithfully,


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